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    JNP Projects are a vibrant Australian company offering construction services ranging from the residential and commercial sector to refurbishments, renovations and interior design. Established in 2008 they had a vision to become a leading organisation within Australia's construction industry.

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    Design and construct of the commercial facility for Stocklands. The project involved the construction of the following community hall, swimming, pool, tennis court and playground area.

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About Us

Peter Lycakis is renowned for his business acumen, leadership skills, integrity and most importantly his loyalty to his hard working employees.

JNP Projects is an innovative Australian company offering a range of services from both the residential and commercial sector; with construction, refurbishment, reformation and interior design being our main disciplines. Established in 2008, JNP Projects strives to become a leading organisation within the Australian construction industry.

Our team of highly skilled professionals have a comprehensive knowledge of the Australian building industry, making a point to remain abreast of commercial trends and innovations. Possessing an unrivalled ability to identify upcoming opportunities, resolve encountered issues and efficiently manage our resources; JNP Projects provides an excellent solution to our clients.

JNP Projects strives to ensure that all work completed by both our staff and contractors exceeds the predetermined industry standards of workmanship and finishes.

It is our desire to guarantee that our clients' objectives are brought to fruition. This is achieved through the understanding and conceptualizing of their original ideas, then translating them to the finished product. To this extent, JNP Projects strives to establish long term relationships with our clients in order to secure their repeat business.

JNP Projects offer the following contracts:
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management
  • Fixed Lump Sum
  • Design and Construction
About our Team

JNP Projects are a disciplined team of highly experienced professionals offering years of accrued industry expertise which encompasses management from the design phase of a project, right through to completion.

Through the completion of projects ranging from high-end residential to multi unit developments and commercial fit outs; our dedicated team members have proven themselves as a dynamic unit with excellent working relationships and solid technical skills.

We constantly monitor our performance against client goals and objectives as well as internally formed benchmarks, in order to maximize our clients' satisfaction.

JNP Projects acknowledges that its current and continued success can be accredited only to our enthusiastic employees. Our company is committed to ensuring that all employees are rewarded for the work and commitment that has allowed for them to excel in their roles and responsibilities.

JNP Projects promotes ongoing learning and training for all employees, not only to maintain our competitive edge, but to ensure that our clients have constant access to the latest construction techniques, developments and products.

    Peter Lycakis
  • Founder | E-mail: plycakis@jnpprojects.com.au

    Peter has acquired a great wealth of knowledge within the construction industry through both on-site experience and formal study. Completing a degree in construction management, he then began work as a laborer to gain a valuable understanding of the practical component of building applications.

    It is through hard work and dedication that Peter has moved his way up to management positions within various prominent Sydney construction firms, enabling him to oversee many successful projects to term.

    Peter has obtained an extensive knowledge of construction practices and techniques, as well as strengths in negotiating projects, strategic planning and financial management. He is renowned for his business acumen, leadership skills and loyalty to his dedicated employees.